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Finally, the addition of normal CGI-58 in cells. Mutation CDS lipid breakdown and reverses the abnormal accumulation triglyceride typical patients with lipid storage disease These data set an important biochemical function for CGI-58 in the lipolytic fat reduction, this lipolysis activator imply in the pathogenesis of CDS, the researchers wrote.. The researchers now find that CGI-58 ATGL ATGL , stimulates their activity up to 20-fold. In contrast, CGI-58 variants with the mutations found in patients with CDS ATGL not activate, they found. Moreover co-expression of CGI-58 and ATGL limits stored lipid accumulation in cultured cells, while treatments CGI-58 block in adipocytes inhibit the removal of triglycerides.

Myo-inositol plays an important role in many biological processes in humans. It is produced by the human from the diet. Also taken from the diet. Zinc is for the production of proteins and therefore plays an important role in almost all metabolic processes. For proper functioning for the proper functioning of the nervous system and facilitates the effect of folic acid. Zinc and vitamin B12 are very common nutrients. They will, for example in fish, meat found and vegetables . The findings underscore the importance of a balanced diet before and during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

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