The researchers say.

While the study does not offer an explanation for why there is a competition involved in this kind of decision-making are, the researchers say , it makes sense that we adjust which hand we want to use to changing situations. ‘In the middle of the decision process track things, we need to change track,’Oliveira said.

When the left rear parietal cortex was stimulated, and the target located at a position where they could either hand, there is a significant increase in the use of the left hand, said Oliveira.. UC Berkeley researchers applied transcranial magnetic stimulation to the posterior parietal cortex of the brain in 33 right-handed volunteers and found that stimulating the left driven an increase in their use of of the left hand.

The left hemisphere of the brain controls the motor skills of the right side of the body and vice versa.‘Even though the destination to handle in within 18 weeks BP referring in many Specialities we deal 100 % of patients in less then 18 weeks. ‘There is needs to be done view all our all of our specialties to on that standard and also improves our access more times but we are confident that we will in on our waiting, to the benefit of of our patients.

The government is put a goal of all the NHS Trust start of treatment in all patients to hospital in 18 weeks following the Transfer details by a general practitioner by December 2008.