The results of the study of Jonitz et al.

The results of the study of Jonitz et al. Insight into the effects of the extracellular mediator endothelin-1 in PSC. They show Taken together, the by activation of the cells, thereby to promote fibrosis. At the molecular level, the authors have molecules which identifies mediate ET – 1 signal, and linked to the process of the stellate cell activation. Furthermore, the two proinflammatory cytokines interleukin – 1? and interleukin-6 was found to be expressed in the ET-1-treated PSC, suggesting for the first time a direct link between inflammation and fibrosis on the level of ET – 1 function.

Of pancreatic canceritis and endothelin-1 inhibitorsfibrosis is a key feature of chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The extensive deposition of extracellular matrix proteins promotes the development of an exocrine and endocrine organ insufficiency, and accelerates progression of the tumor. Pancreatic stellate cells are the main effector cells in pancreatic fibrosis. They are carried profibrogenic mediators cytokines include, for example cytokines and ethanol metabolites. There are no therapies available to interfere with fibrogenesis in the diseased organ.

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