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Health care spending, while 36 percent said they think spending would remain the same and 34 percent said In additionn in health care costs would increase . Supragen is the result of research by Gomis ‘ team in growth control and cancer metastasis Lab performed at IRB Barcelona. These investigators have recently identified a gene predict with the ability, the risk of metastasis of breast cancer to the bone. Supragen will be directed against two market opportunities at the same time , explains Gomis. Of technology transfert will develop a range of tools for breast cancer patients at high risk, to diagnose bone metastases .

Supragen the third emerge emerge from IRB Barcelona lab benches. Technology transfer and the creation of wealth and well-being is one of the main objectives of the Centre and a commitment to the Company by the researcher, as brought to the statutes of the Institute expressed. The head of technology transfer, IRB Barcelona, Cristina Horcajada explains that to achieve this is an example of how cutting-edge research, the patients to their well-being and, generate generate economic prosperity for the society . Supragen the biotechnology company Omnia Molecular, in 2005 closes from llu? S Ribas de Pouplana and Iproteos founded in 2014 by Ernest Giralt and Teresa Tarrag founded? .Connect O FAILING clinic plans that a station for elderly a cost-cutting move.

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