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He said that 43 percent of all newly reported HIV / AIDS cases are attributed to unprotected sex. China Daily the the research in the past three years has shown that less than 50 percent of MSM using condoms, which he said creates challenges in the promoting better health awareness. Xiao Dong, director of the Chaoyang Chinese AIDS Volunteer Group, said MSM must voluntarily practice safe sex and take regular tests. .

According to He, 563 new HIV / AIDS cases in China in the first seven months of 2008, of whom were between the people and the rest among the migrant workers were reported. In addition, new cases came in each of the 18 districts and counties Beijing 1190 slightly in 2007 from 2006.About 200 million people world to hepatitis C, which can and or cancers, and existing medications have not always effective infects. To to develop a better care, the to induce have to laboratory experiments laboratory experiments into liver cells , but an appropriate tissue a suitable tissue model since healthy liver the liver liver functions when they removed from the body tilt.

The hepatic cells have been strategical to other cells called fibroblasts, which passes through support the growth of liver tissue.. It now Bhatia, Charles Rice Charles Rice of Rockefeller University how they developed a way of liver cells of four to six weeks due to precisely arranging to them to keep on a special patterned plate. Of infected with hepatitis C for two to three weeks, of the researchers the opportunity cell cell reactions to different medicines.

The new model, in the upcoming week topic of Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences , could allow the researchers the efficacy of various combinations of medicaments, including interferon, a common date the treatment , and experimental antibodies capable of blocking invasion of testing virus in cells.

How they did: The researchers used normal liver cells which had cryogenic preserves and growth them in special plates by micro structures in that direct which in which where.