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They also used an agent for a time, suppresses the activity of regulatory T cells, which normally keeps the immune system from over-reacting. In the absence of regulatory T cells , the immune system responded much more to the vaccine. When the researchers implanted HER2 – positive breast tumors in the animals, the cancer. ‘Both tumor cut eradicated to respond to current targeted therapies and those that treatments treatments,’said Wei. ‘This could. An answer for women with these tumors that have become resistant to the current therapies ‘.

Both an inert an inert bacterial plasmid. In this study, researchers used electrical impulses. The injected vaccine into leg muscles in mice, where the gene produces a large amount of HER2 receptors that activated to deliver both antibodies and killer T-cells.. To ensure safety, Wei says the current test vaccine uses HER2 that they are not altered so that they are not oncogenic. The receptors contain produced no intracellular domain – the part of the receptor , which is located just below the cell surface, and transmits the signals to the nucleus growth.The study participants which blood glucose monitoring improves and were non worsened during the negotiation as ‘good’responders final. ‘failed’responders had not slow in the natural course of disease.

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