Thiamine helps the bodys cells.

Thiamine helps the body’s cells, is. Carbohydrates into energy. It is found in many foods, such as lean meats, but especially pork. Insufficient amounts of thiamine can lead to nerve damage, weakness, fatigue and psychosis.

A lack of iodine in the diet can lead to iodine deficiency , such as goiter or impeded mental development a significant problem a significant problem in many countries. This study could help countries suffering from a large %age of IDD the iodine the iodine in the diet.

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2003, the AIDS Epidemic ‘ a superpower ‘ battle against tuberculosis in African countries, PRI ‘The World’ report.

Some African countries are losing ground in combating the TB, like which update epidemics of HIV / AIDS darkens the old one, scourge of scourge of TB, The World – a production from the BBC World Service, PRI and WGBH in Boston – on Thursday told. According to PRI, the number of persons having TB of has threefold silent, while African leaders and Western donors have focus increasingly on the fight against HIV / AIDS in the past decade (Marmion, The World , an annual report of the the World Health Organisation, in final and reported under and reported under in the world TB Day and the title Global Tuberculosis Control – surveillance, planning, financing of, has estimated that in the year 2003 – the latest year in respect of information is available – the figure was about 8.8 million new TB notification rates globally.