This process is called rescission cheap silagra.

This process is called rescission, and it can and will happen: Some health insurance companies look for reasons to withdraw a patient’s health they they can escape from paying his medical bills cheap silagra . Insurers evade their promise health insurance health insurance, especially if it is expensive for them. What is more, the patient is not given the opportunity to insurance company health insurance the action before the decision is final. The Texas Medical Association will protect patients from Texas this trick. – ‘We believe it is irresponsible for health insurers to enroll people to let you down then, if and when care care,’said TMA President Josie R. Williams, ‘The patient has no claim, no one, application law should have the power of the patient’s current insurance policy to withdraw TMA believes, instead of having patients who deserve an independent review organization study the insurer’s decision before action is taken TMA also believes insurer patient. Warning. ‘Patients deserve a heads up that the insurer to terminate to terminate their policies, and they deserve a chance, an honest mistake before they fix cut,’says Albert Gros, chairman of the TMA Council on Legislation. ‘as a tactic against a patient uses mistakenly manifestly unreasonable ‘.

Monstrous examples are in the news coating.The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported last summer to a Waxahachie woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer and scheduled for a double mastectomy. But days before surgery, her insurance company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, canceled their insurance. His reason? She did not disclose a prior disease – acne – on your insurance application. She asked her congressman for help. Months later, at the urging of Congressman Blue Cross insurance, the patient again, and they moved their operation. $ 9,000. Said BlueCross health privacy laws limit their ability to discuss the patient’s situation. But she told the Star-Telegram that patients to insert a right to contract canceled. Meanwhile believes the Waxahachie her patient delay in the care of their health insurer bureaucracy eventually causes them killed.

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