Tweeners Who Think Pot Is Cool MUCH MORE LIKELY to Beverage and Drive Later: Study: MONDAY.

The scientists found that positive beliefs about marijuana and confidence in their capability to not use marijuana once the kids were 12 were significant predictors of later traveling drunk or riding with a consuming driver when they were 16. ‘It is very important to intervene early to help prevent DUI or riding with a drinking driver in high school,’ said lead researcher Brett Ewing, a statistical task associate at RAND Corp in Santa Monica, Calif. ‘We need to target youth in middle college, and start the discussion with youth on how to make healthy choices,’ she said.The experts are urging healthcare specialists to increase fathers’ involvement within their children’s healthcare and contacting policy makers to ensure that fathers have the opportunity to play an active role within their upbringing. The evaluate viewed 24 papers published between 1987 and 2007, covering 22,300 individual units of data from 16 studies. 18 of the 24 papers also covered the social economic status of the family members studied. The smallest study focused on 17 infants and the biggest covered 8,441 people ranging from premature infants to 33 year-olds. They included major ongoing analysis from the united kingdom and USA, with smaller studies from Sweden and Israel together.