UT Southwestern biochemist wins $ 1 million research award for the cell death.

UT Southwestern biochemist wins $ 1 million research award for the cell death, cancer Insights, Dr. Xiaodong Wang, professor of biochemistry at UT Southwestern Medical Center, the mechanisms discovered for cell death, the $ 1,000 Shaw Prize in Life Science and medicine award. Will receive the International Award of the Hong Kong-based Shaw Prize Foundation ‘for his discovery of the biochemical basis of programmed cell death, a vital process that balances cell birth and protects against cancer,’according to the award citation.

Research is not only to treat cancer but also to therapies to the to the abnormal cells in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. – Originally from China, Dr. Wang received his bachelor’s degree from the Beijing Normal University, before moving to the United States in order to pursue studies at UT Southwestern, where he received his doctorate in biochemistry in 1991. His postdoctoral research at UT Southwestern was with Dr. Brown and colleagues Nobel Laureate Dr. Joseph Goldstein, chairman of molecular genetics.. The Shaw Prize consists of three annual awards: the award in astronomy, the price in the life sciences and medicine, and the price in Mathematical Sciences.However, there are does not data indicating if sampling be routine household maintenance and decolonization of almost and cost effective.. ‘Household contact the patient with a S. Aureus infections be does not scanning routine of south aureus colonization and identifying defeat all colonized members of the household can persisted facilitate colonization of or recurrent infections Furthermore domestic environment surfaces and shared objects present potential reservoirs on S aureus transferring.

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