Which aims to cut colon cancer deaths by 16 percent.

According to an analysis of the first million test results of the Bowel Cancer Screening Program in England, which aims to cut colon cancer deaths by 16 percent, the program is on target. The results, published in Gut, also show that a significantly higher proportion of the identified cancers are left-sided. According to researchers, this demonstrates that have different strategies may be used to pick up disease adopted in both sides of the body as a right-sided cancers will be more aggressive.

‘.. The findings are based on an analysis of the first 1,000 occult blood tests by patients who by patients who the first round the first round of the bowel cancer screening. In these figures, approximately two thirds of cancer were identified by the screening program is estimated left side and about 24 percent, or one of four right-sided, however, found that the researchers 77 percent , or three out of four types of cancer by the screening program were identified and 14 percent were left – sided right.

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