With centers in Chicago.

Cohen, Halt Medical CEO. ‘Hysterectomy is an over-used therapy which has many potential complications. Patients deserve an option that treats only the fibroids and allows them to get their lives back.’.. Acessa Procedure: The Fibroid Treatment Collaborative’s primary surgical therapy for uterine fibroids The Fibroid Treatment Collaborative, with centers in Chicago, IL and Austin TX, announced today the adoption of the Acessa Method as its primary surgical therapy for patients experiencing uterine fibroids. Traditional medical interventions, such as for example hysterectomy or myomectomy, involve long recovery periods and various other minimally invasive solutions may only treat symptoms, not really the fibroids.‘Even worse than torture. They’re actually torturing you mentally and physically to break you down. ‘These are the actual words of James Stewart that you’ll hear in this interview: • ‘I believed I was gonna die in there.’ • ‘It had been even worse than torture. They’re actually torturing you mentally and actually to break you down.’ • ‘I wrote the ‘torture’ on a bit of toilet paper to attempt to tell everybody what I had gone through, because I was worried these were going to break me personally and put me in a psych ward mentally.’ • ‘What I experienced in downtown LA was brutality.’ • ‘It’s trauma.