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For the concerned teenager, here are some tips on keeping that acne in order. The simplest treatment If the acne is certainly in its preliminary stage still, numerous home-made remedies might do just fine just. Mixing drinking water with salt and vinegar to make a facial wash might help alleviate pimples. If you like better-smelling remedies, massaging the facial skin with lemon skin has also been proven effective. Garlic and toothpaste dabbed on pimples can also work overnight if you are in a hurry. Primarily, just keeping your skin clean by washing at least twice a time can help prevent the onset of zits. Over-the-counter options If pimples have already developed into pustules , a less-than-basic treatment has already been in order.The list of warnings was than the paragraph on what this acne medicine worked well longer ! Fortunately, the side effects were reported to be short-resided and will be reversible if the medicine was stopped. Nevertheless, we were concerned as isotretinoin needed to be taken for at least 12 to 16 weeks. This wonder acne medication didn’t sound so fantastic to us. We did try to talk her out of it. She became unhappy, saying we did not know how much she had opted through, suffering with her acne problem for years. She explained that with any pimples medicine, one experienced to weigh the benefits and the risks. To her, the risks were worth the potential guarantee of a cure. There are few lessons that can be learnt from this whole story.