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###CSE White Paper on Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journal Publications is on or in the Editorial Policies section of the CSE Web siteCSE is a professional organization with 1,200 members, is dedicated to promoting excellence in the communication of scientific information. Was founded in 1957 by a joint approach by the National Science Foundation and the American Institute of Biological Sciences. Today it’s close relationships with a number of scientific enjoys publishing organizations, both nationally and internationally, but it works autonomously to achieve the power of its more than members, the organization’s goals.

Is the first time Adriana Katz and gentlemen has obtained a comprehensive view of membrane -associated proteins and shown how changes in the structure and membrane composition contribute salina has adjusted on high salt content.

Since its discovery in 1905, D. Salina has studying a convenient model organism for the common mechanisms of on saline matching in algae and plants. Previous studies have demonstrated that in very salty environment, the alga which plasma membrane – is a barrier it protects against the external world – great change that are expected to play an role in Salt tolerance of have experiencing.