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Pharm * Occupational Therapy Physiotherapy and Graduates * BHMS * BDS * BAMS * MBBS Pharmacovigilance course – aims and objectives: The course will aid participants in acquiring a simple knowledge of the practice and ideas of pharmacovigilance. It can help in sensitizing the applicants and impart them with details on such procedures on the Indian state of affairs in detail. This course shall assist candidates with, * Increased expertise, confidence and efficiency * A good understanding of major Pharmacovigilance audit principles, design, conduct and planning * A practical method for the conduct and advancement of pharmacovigilance audits * Fundamental statistics, regulations and compliance principles and methods * Issues surrounding the benefits and risks of drug use in humans which include the cause, outcomes and manifestations of ADEs * Ways to detect and monitor ADRs and related legal and historical frameworks The advantages of undergoing this course: The advantages of undergoing the pharmacovigilance program are plenty, * Excellent profession progression * Case research that is based on teaching * Experienced faculty * College students will be taught latest industry software * Course designed via industry experts according to the most recent needs of the industry * Specialized job-oriented schooling * Get professionally qualified Job description: Pharmacovigilance specialists perform the following, * Release are accountable to security database * Perform labelling review of adverse occasions, contrasting the existing adverse events with that of previously reported along with present in the product tag * Code adverse events regarding security database * Data enter survey in the security data source * Assess and review every supply document along with compile data in adverse event reviews * Monitor every adverse event report completed and received A profession in this field is normally exciting.As the effects of health care reform begin to take hold, organizations are seeking to ensure they are operating with the very best workforce management solutions available. API Healthcare offers them with completely integrated, healthcare specific solutions in preparation for more patients and a larger demand for high-quality affordable care., Utica, NY; Cariant Health Partners, Omaha, NE; Knowledge Providers, Indianapolis, IN; Edward Health Services Company, Naperville, IL; Rice Memorial Medical center, Wilmar, MN, The University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, Williamson and IL Medical Center, Franklin, TN. The increased investment in workforce management is evidence that the answer is driving down healthcare costs and allowing organizations to proactively manage their whole workforce, stated J.P.