Women Soldiers No More to build up PTSD Likely.

28, 2015 – – Ladies in the U.S. Military are forget about likely than men to develop post-traumatic stress disorder , a government study shows. ‘This is the first study to prospectively investigate the advancement of PTSD in male and feminine service people who were matched on multiple important features that could explain some of the differences in PTSD, including armed service sexual trauma,’ research co-writer Dr. Shira Maguen, an employee psychologist at the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA VA Medical Center, stated in a Veterans Affairs news release.Trying to head off more problems, medical and Human Services Department announced last week the program won’t cover abortions except in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s existence is in danger – exceptions typically allowed under federal regulation. That’s a more restrictive policy than will end up being generally used under Obama’s new healthcare law. Starting in 2014, the overhaul allows subsidized health insurance programs to cover abortions federally, but only if policyholders pay for coverage separately and the amount of money is segregated from authorities funds. The current system for the high-risk uninsured was authorized by medical care law also, as short-term help for the most vulnerable, before big coverage expansion in 2014. But Congress didn’t explain how to deal with abortion.